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Medical Documentation

  • Complex treatments (automatic via function pages)

    • Intensive care complex treatment (TISS/SAPS)
    • Anthroposophic complex treatment (8-975, ZE26)
    • Multimodal complex treatment on (special) isolation unit (8-98g)
  • Complex treatments (support via forms)

    • Multimodal pain therapy (8-918)
    • Palliative complex treatment (8-982)
    • Geriatric early rehabilitation complex treatment (8-550)
    • Motivational treatment of addicts [qualified withdrawal] (8-985)
    • Complex treatment (various on request)
  • Special documentation

    • MRSA documentation
    • COVID-19 module
  • Psych. professional documentation

    • Basic system of psych. specialist documentation (incl. FEM and 1:1 care)
    • PsyOPS service documentation with OPS calculation
    • PPP-RL documentation and basic statistics (formerly PsychPV)
    • PIA criteria
  • Assessments / Scores

    • FrühReha-Barthel Index (FRB) -incl.
      Network diagram view-
    • Norton scale, extended Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)
    • Mini-Mental Status Test (MMST)
    • Timed ‘Up and Go
    • Tinetti Test / Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA)
    • Visual Analog Scale (VAS) -incl. pain point documentation-
    • Clock sign test – documentation according to Shulman
    • CAM (Confusion-Assessment-Method), abbreviated German version
    • MIDOS scale (Minimal documentation system for distressing symptoms)
    • NCCN Distress Thermometer
    • ECOG Scale (Quality of Life Index)
    • BRASS Index (Blaylock Risk Assessment Score)

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