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Your benefits thanks to CLINIXX®

CLINIXX® operates on the basis of web technology

You save the installation of the software on your workstations. A simple web browser such as Chrome is sufficient.

CLINIXX® is mobile

Be flexible and access your patient information anytime, anywhere via tablet or smartphone

CLINIXX® is cloud-enabled

Decide for yourself how you use your HIS: CLINIXX® as a local installation or CLINIXX® in the private cloud

CLINIXX® is quick to learn and easy to use

The operation of web applications is familiar to you and your employees through private use of the Internet. This reduces the amount of training required. In addition, thanks to the clear tree structure, you can quickly access all the data stored for the patient.

CLINIXX® is individual

Only you decide which CLINIXX® modules and functions will be used in your facility.

CLINIXX® saves costs

You save on hardware and software thanks to the low system requirements for the individual PC workstations.

CLINIXX® saves time

You save time in system administration thanks to the uncomplicated configuration and the fast server-only update procedure.

CLINIXX® is safe

Internal and external access to the CLINIXX® system, e.g. by your employees, partners as well as general practitioners and affiliated physicians, is secured with the latest technologies.

CLINIXX® initiates real partnerships

With the integrated physician portal, you can communicate with primary care physicians, affiliated physicians, and other partners across sectors.