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Take a close look at CLINIXX®:



Innovation meets flexibility

  • JAVA technology
  • Use of frameworks [like Vaadin, I-Reports and others].
  • Microsoft SQL server database
  • JAVA application [server based on OpenSource systems (Tomcat, ActiveMQ..)]
  • Web browser client [without installation effort]
  • Supports Microsoft Office
  • Open interfaces [HL7, XML, xDT, FHIR, ISIK communication server]

Seamless integration with the tools you use

  • Outpatient Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • Quality documentation

  • Cloud
  • Cloud
  • Coding Tool & Grouper

  • Quest Testing

    Coding Tool, Grouper & Medicaiton

  • Document Management

  • Document Management

  • Document Management

  • Financial accounting

  • Financial accounting

  • Financial accounting

  • Financial accounting

  • Financial accounting

  • Intensive Care Medicine

  • Intensive Care Medicine

  • Material purchasing

  • Hygiene management

  • Emergency Room Management

  • Patient forms

  • Resource planning/management

  • Time and personnel planning

Our services for you


  • Recording of requirements and
  • Development of a solution
  • Coordination to concretize the solution
  • Planning of individual adaptations Support during the entire pre-contractual phase

Project Management

  • Support during the contractual phase
  • Planning, management and controlling of the implementation by a project manager with overall responsibility

Customization & Installation

  • Step-by-step plan for the implementation of individual requirements
  • Development of additional functions
  • Installation CLINIXX® on the server
  • Setup and parameterization of the ordered functionalities
  • Mapping of house-specific forms and further documents


  • 3 steps concept
    • Administrator training
    • Core group training users
    • Real start-up support [incl. refresh training].
  • Training of additional/new modules and functionalities as needed/set up

“Going live” support

  • Real operation support with personal on-site assistance
  • Coordination of individual on-site appointments for initial billing, for example

Service and Support

  • Ensuring support by telephone and e-mail
  • Recording of support cases by qualified employees
  • Documentation and tracking of the support process in the HelpDesk system
  • Regular project case meetings

Maintenance and Development

  • Adaptation of the software to legal changes
  • Individual further developments
  • Update/release service
    • Release update service
    • Documentation service
    • Installation service
  • Updates possible during live operation
    • Installation on the server
    • Immediate availability on all workstations