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Physician Workstation

Standard functions:

    • Basic system physician workstation
    • Medical documentation
    • Diagnosis and procedure coding
    • Integration Coding Systems (3M™ KODIP® or ID DIACOS®)
    • Integration Grouper (3M™ KODIP® DRG Scout or ID DIACOS®)
    • Medical service entry via neutral in-house service catalog
    • Medical release with plausibility check

Additional functions:

    • Short protocols 
    • Integration eMedication/AMTS ID MEDICS®
      Medication list
    • Findings generator – customer-defined documentation web pages for fast generation of individual full-text findings
    • Alpha-ID diagnosis catalog (coding of ICD codes with 75,000 additional alternative medical description texts)
    • Coupling ID Clinical Context Coding (CCC) (only in connection with ID DIACOS)
    • Coupling of Thieme Compliance eConsentPro patient information form system

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