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Patienten Management

Submodule inpatient patient management

    • Patient admission manual/with KVK/with eGK
    • Occupancy overview
    • gematik telematics infrastructure connection
    • gematik insurance master data management (VSDM)
    • gematik electronic patient file (ePa 1.1 and 2.0)
    • Electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU) (including KIM level 1 for eAU and QES for eAU)
    • gematik electronic prescription (e-prescription), requires ID Medics
    • in planning:
      • gematik Emergency Data Management (NFDM)
      • gematik qualified electronic signature (QES)
      • gematik electronic medication plan (eMP)
      • gematik communication in the medical sector (KIM)
      • gematik TI Messenger (TIM)
    • Inpatient management and billing
  • Billing types:

    • DRG including additional charges, nursing revenues
    • Outpatient surgery §115b SGB V (incl. EBM catalog) (only in conjunction with surgery module)
    • PEPP including additional charges and supplements. Daily charges, nursing revenues
    • PIA – Psychiatric Institute Outpatient Clinic
      §6 Para. 1 Special facilities
    • IV Integrated care
    • Inpatient private liquidation (GOÄ)

    Cost assurance:

    • Data communication §301 GKV to IDB-CS
    • Data communication §301 PKV to IDB-CS
    • Data communication §301 BG to IDB-CS
    • Data communication §301.4 Reha-GKV to IDB-CS (no DRV!)
  • Coding Systems/Grouper:

    • Integration Coding System (3M™ 360 Encompass™ or ID DIACOS®)
    • Integration Grouper (3M™ 360 Encompass™ or ID DIACOS®).


    • Data export §21 KhEntG and KHStatV.
    • Statistics center with E1-Plus, DRG, utilization statistics and more.

    Additional functions:

    • §302 service accounting and data communication via IDB-CS remedies and aids
    • §301 to IDB-CS batch grouping
    • MDK module (MDK procedure with KAIN/INKA, LE portal)
    • Discharge management according to § 39 including § 301-KHIN/KANT procedure
    • Discharge management according to § 39 – form printing
    • UNITREND Clinical QA Web – quality assurance with integration according to § 137 SGB V, inpatient QA
    • UNITREND target and risk statistics
    • Data transfer to financial accounting system incl. financial accounting control
    • Data transfer of invoices additionally as PDF (for DATEV/Diamant)

Submodule outpatient patient management

    • Outpatient patient management
    • Outpatient form printing via laser printer
      (KBV blank form printing samples 01, 02, 04, 06, 10, 10c, 12, 20, 52, 55, 61 as well as printing sample 16, private prescription, BTM prescription)”.
    • Billing via KV:
      • Integration of outpatient clinic system x.vianova from medatixx
      • Coupling of other outpatient systems via HL7 on request

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