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Connection to the telematics infrastructure

  • The following telematics applications are currently in use at CLINIXX®

    • gematik telematics infrastructure connection – gematik insurance master data management (VSDM)
    • gematik electronic patient file (ePa 1.1 and 2.0, version gemILF_PS_ePA_V2.0.0, MIO vaccination passport/mother’s passport/children’s U-booklet/dental bonus booklet)
    • Electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU) (including KIM level 1 for eAU and QES for eAU)
    • gematik electronic prescription (e-prescription), requires ID MEDICS (full version ID MEDICS + license “TI-Fachdienstanbindung” or entry version ID MEDICS + license “TI-Fachdienstanbindung”)

    The following functions are under development

    • gematik Communication in Medicine (KIM)
    • gematik TI Messenger (TIM)
Anbindung an die Telematikinfrastruktur

ISiK – Information technology systems in hospitals

  • Against the background of the interoperability hurdles, the legislator has commissioned gematik to define standards for interfaces in hospitals. With a transition period of 24 months, hospitals have been obliged since June 30, 2021, to use only gematik-certified information technology systems in hospitals (ISiK). A uniform standard for all based on HL7 FHIR should not only facilitate data exchange within hospitals, but also overcome sector boundaries in the future.

  • Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe
    In the baby helper program of the Havelhöhe Community Hospital, parents receive advice and support on all aspects of having a baby. For this purpose, defined patient data is recorded by questionnaire. With ISiK, this is all done digitally. Parents can thus send the information before admission or after discharge, which is then transferred in a structured way to the patient file and processed.

ISiK – Informationstechnische Systeme in Krankenhäusern

CLINIXX®-Communication manager

    •   CLINIXX®-Web services
    •   CLINIXX®-Data Import/-Export
    •   Commection NextGen® Connect Integration Engine (former: Mirth Connect)
Anbindung an die Telematikinfrastruktur

Special interfaces

    • OP data to the EPRD client (Endoprothesis Register Germany)
    • GDT device couplings
    • Patient Import from SAP IS-H
    • PainPool
    • ChemoCompile
    • Dräger ICMa
    • Thepla scheduling system
    • ELO archiving system (transfer of invoices, OP documentation, doctor’s letters)
Anbindung an die Telematikinfrastruktur